Touch For Health in der Wohngemeinschaft 1

 Holding the ESR Points to release stress

Touch For Health in der Wohngemeinschaft 1

Testing the Deltoid Anterior muscle

The muscle test flows more and more into our everyday life, with a wink, joy and wonderful results with balances.
Because Touch for Health is so easy, some of my friends already know how to use it – the willingness to receive a balance in the house is great.

John Thie, the founder of Touch for Health, wanted to use the simple method to give the layman an opportunity to improve and, above all, to sustain their own health and that of the family. As a „choice family” we support each other in the house where we can, someone bakes a cake, someone takes care of the garden, I offer balances.

The quick and easy 14 muscle balance is a great start, especially for people who have not yet come into contact with applied kinesiology. They even work for my buddies who, when they lie on the massage table for the first time, usually do not immediately notice the subtle yes / no in the indicator muscle test. But after balancing for example the psoas muscle, the eyes are usually large. “Do you notice the difference?” I often ask. “… amazing!” They mostly reply.
Sometimes I balance on my terrace standing, mostly in my room on the massage table and preferably, if the weather allows, in the woods. Of course, with the massage table – the carrying is totally worth it!

My first Touch for Health course I taught for 6 friends two years ago. This was the first time for me to experience the world of applied kinesiology in the spirit of my generation. Already in the morning of the first day of the course someone said with enthusiasm: “That’s like magic!” We laughed a lot, learned, researched, asked questions and danced (especially the 14-muscledance). And at the end of the final balancing, (although the method really has nothing to do with hocus pocus!) There was a hint of magic in the air.

Ruben Degendorfer,
on the pictures Johanna