sound healing with tuning forks 1
sound healing with tuning forks 1
sound healing with tuning forks 1

„What’s that?“, my flatmates ask.
„It’s a tuningfork.“, I say.
„For tuning your guitar?“
„No, for healing.“

Dr. John Beaulieu has dedicated his life to sound. And the healing. The naturopath combines these two areas with passion, creativity and scientific studies. For over 500 hours he meditated on the sound of the tuning forks and his own body in a dark, soundproof chamber. The fact that John Beaulieu is a special person can be seen on the first evening of the seminar, at the „Tuningfork-Event“.

“First, before we can start our tuning concert, I’ll get you all stoned,” says John, handing each one of us some rock crystals as a gift.

We lie down on blankets, the evening sun shines in the big hall and we close our eyes. I relax and listen to the sound of the tuning forks. The overtones that are created are fascinating and lead my mind, as on a river in a dream world. This is followed by fascinating, beautiful pictures and colors in my mind’s eye. The sounds remind me of my childhood, I feel secure and at home.

When John carefully takes us out of the “trance”, I can hardly believe that 90 minutes have already passed. This security will accompany me during the three seminar days.

Right on the first day, we learn how to use the tuning forks; the sound sessions with the partner are intuitive and also really fun. In the practice phases, the hall and the meadow outside fill with the spherical sounds. For much of the seminar, John introduces us to theory and research, focusing on the exciting results (not just) of his research and leaving out the complicated path to it. But for anyone interested, John will send his numerous scientific studies on sound and healing.

We expand our knowledge of the sound forks and find ourselves in the world of ear acupuncture. Here, the lower vibrating (and thus noticeably vibrating) tuning forks are placed on acupoints in the ear. Because the slight vibration is much more pleasant than the actual needles, and the effect is in no way inferior to the needles, John personally uses the tuning forks to work on the ears.

And we at home in our community household, by the way, too. Whether at home, at a picnic or in the practice room, the tuning forks are an excellent way to „retune“ us as human beings.

Ruben Degendorfer,
on the Fotos Ruben and Selina