The IAK Forum International has been on the road to success for years now. One main pillar of its success is Kinesiology, strong due to longstanding ties with the early pioneers in this field. Yet the IAK is itself also a pioneer of new fields and new developments. When selecting experts to teach at the IAK we choose very carefully and demand outstanding expertise as well as deep personal motivation on their behalf.

Blandina Kalmbach is a member of the IAK executive board. She is interviewing Doris, a woman who has participated in various IAK programs and was so taken by IAK as an organization that she puts us into contact with Fe Pacheco from the Philippines, a true master in her field. Fe has founded ScalarPrana Energy Healing and has joined the IAK teaching staff in 2016. (Interview taken in April 2017)


Blandina: Doris, what do you like most about IAK as an organizer and host of the International Forum?

Doris: The IAK is convincing in every aspect. The programs I participated in went beyond being profound in substance and methodically excellent. What I could perceive in the courses of these programs was the effect of the IAK spirit, source of wellbeing and good feelings during these days, so genuine. 35 years ago the IAK founders had the courage to become pioneers in the field of education, seeing and trusting the potential that lies in every human being. IAK banks on quality when it comes to growing. Curious and open towards everything new, IAK follows innovative ideas to continue their success, and they do this together with lecturers and participants.


B: Why did Fe Pacheco choose IAK?

D: Not only does IAK manage the most famous stars in the field of New Energies, they also make a conscious effort to offer their platform as a stepping-stone for new promising magnets. To place the focus on human beings and their potentials is one of the strong links between IAK and Fe Pacheco. They both claim to make their participants expand into the core, the essence of the matter, to lead them to the source of personal success. When the authentic appears, the heart has found its place.


B: When do you feel a program/seminar/workshop to be worth your while?

D: For me it is important feel my batteries recharged and to be able to say, “This was a good deal, truly worth the time and money I invested. The exercises are very valuable and really show me how to put into practice the theoretical knowledge I was given. Now I know more and can do more than before.”


B: Can you give us a brief description of Fe Pacheco?

D: Fe’s ability to guide the participants through an extremely complex issue very competently and with a great sense of direction has not failed to convince IAK. Fe is a blessing for everybody who has the privilege to meet her and learn from her. Her being is characterized by great pureness and kindness. The way she passes on her rich knowledge from an apparently unlimited source to the participants of her programs is truly impressive. Every word she says in her programs seems to be directed at each and every participant in a very personal way and addresses their individual personal and emotional state and/or their respective potentials. I wanted to change and discover new paths. Fe and her language of the heart have guided me towards new perspectives and shown me the way to get there. Fe herself and her meditations have the power to move and initiate personal processes.


B: What is ScalarPrana?

D: ScalarPrana is a safe, non-physical energetic method of treatment for body, soul, and spirit. It activates the body’s heart intelligence and accelerates healing processes. ScalarPrana leads to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness. I can use ScalarPrana on myself or others. ScalarPrana is a tool for medical experts as well as for laypersons.


B: What is the message you want to pass on to the readers of this newsletter?

D: “Courage is beneficial.” Risking something new, discovering the unknown is worth it – particularly when you profit by becoming more familiar with yourself, your potentials and limitations. You receive impulses, you get closer to your own core, you remain loyal to yourself and gain more clarity. Every step is a success in itself.