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Optimal Breathing (fully booked)

“This 4- day course is for you if you want to optimize your own breathing or if you work with clients and want to help them with exercises and hands on techniques to maximize their own breathing capacity.

I will share with you the best from my from my fifty years of experience as a body therapist. I will present you with an effective, easy to learn, easy to use, soft form of connective tissue release. This can creates deep and lasting improvements in your client’s posture, movement pattern and breathing.

You will learn how to work with the changes in the states of your client’s autonomic nervous, as their tissue responds to your touch. In a simple gentle, effective way to release tensions in the To guide you how to release and balance the connective tissue connective tissue with your hands or with your attention in meditation.

I have done body therapy for fifty years. (I have been trained as a Rolfer for 30 years ago Rolfing has been described as the Rolls Royce of body therapy. The first of ten sessions of Rolfing focuses on freeing up the breathing.)

Working with the techniques that you will learn from Thor and me will increase your understanding of the ways that the body moves as it breaths in and out and point to ways to optimize breathing capacity. The hands-on techniques will help you to increase your skill set and to better to help your clients.

You will learn to recognize the breathing patterns and muscular tensions for each of the six basic emotional states.

For people who have been traumatized and are still stuck in the trauma this work this work can provide tools that will allow someone to become more flexible emotionally. For example if someone has had a sexual trauma they can have a hard time trusting someone else and can go into states of intense fear.

This approach can help them to go into a ventral vagal state so that they can experience feelings of trust and quiet intimacy or move more freely into sexual excitement.

Learning what to change in their breathing they can more easily leave a fixed, unwanted emotional state of from a trauma behind. Or they can more easily move into experiencing desirable appropriate emotions that had been difficult or impossible.”

Stanley Rosenberg



This course is for professional therapists and body workers.
Note: Attendance is limited due to close supervision during hands on practice modules!


980,– EUR


day one begins at 9:30 am,
the last day ends at 5:00 pm (28 hrs)


This seminar is fully booked! You can, however, be placed on the waiting list.

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28.05.2020, 9:30
31.05.2020, 17:00


Kurhaus Kirchzarten
Dietenbacher Straße 22
Kirchzarten, 79199 Deutschland