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Basic M.E.D./Holo-SETS

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Richard Bartlett
Please note: Due to coronavirus lockdown this workshop won’t take place in May.
Currently we are looking for an alternative date in 2021.

THE BASIC M.E.D./HOLO-SETS seminar is an opportunity to explore Dr. Richard Bartlett’s further teachings of the Master Energy Dynamics (M.E.D.) Holo-Synchronous Energetic Technology Systems. This comprehensive course format embodies over 25 years of Dr. Richard Bartlett’s knowledge and the knowledge of his master teachers. The Basic M.E.D./Holo-SETS course may be taken by anyone regardless of the level of medical or healing training.

This M.E.D. course is a system for working in-depth with the physiology, biochemistry, and energetic patterns of the body in the fight or flight stress response and working in the process of correcting conditions and patterns. Holo-SETS allows us to go deep into the path of the functional adaptations to stress-related and/or disease conditions of the body with an easy to access format. Learn to go through the reflexes and patterns that are involved in M.E.D. and then access specifically created Modules that work with the pathways and energies of diseased conditions.

M.E.D. technology explores physiological, biochemical and energetic reactions to the stress adaptation response and teaches the body’s holographic systems to move out of thse reactions and create a new, healthy, and vital state of being. Dr. Bartlett developed and practices the M.E.D. system successfully before he created Matrix Energetics. He considers M.E.D. so highly effective that he continues to utilize it today. Examining how, why and what the body does when it moves into stress response. Learn how M.E.D. provides the holographhic body a new functional strategy for more effecitve and creative life choices.

Learn how M.E.D. can address many conditions and problems inherent within the holographic body system.

No Prerequisite is required to attend this seminar. No particular background or experience or expertise is required. 

Unfold new skillsets, deepen your understanding and ability to interact with the holographic templates of the body’s structures and functions. Learn how to engage wiht the precise energetic patterns and then deliver specifuc corrections to the holographic body systems in order to access the pathways of the fight or flight stress response. Teach the body how to ‘see’ its patterns of biochemical, functional, and structural adaptations to the stress response and thus be able, with a little help, to heal itself!

This seminar counts toward Matrix Energetics® PC Certification Maintenance.


Please Note:
Basic M.E.D./Holo-SETS, while taught by Dr. Richard Bartlett, developer of Matrix Energetics®, is not the seminar experience of Matrix Energetics®





645,- EUR early bird (for booking and payment until 20.04.2020)

695,- EUR thereafter

Discount for those who have done MHRT and/or Mastery: 10 % – Please leave this note during the registration!


day one to three 9:00 am – 5:30 pm (21hrs)

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Richard Bartlett


29.05.2020, 9:00
31.05.2020, 17:30
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Kurhaus Kirchzarten
Dietenbacher Straße 22
Kirchzarten, 79199 Deutschland