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Beyond ME

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Richard Bartlett & Melissa Joy

Take The Upgrade … Into A New Reality.

Richard Bartlett and Melissa Joy Jonsson have been co-teaching the original Matrix Energetics (2003) together since 2008. These unique global ME teachings offer students the power of instantaneous transformation at their fingertips.

While many others have attempted to copy/teach the core techniques taught by Richard and Melissa Joy, including the infamous Two Point, Time Travel, Parallel Universes, Archetypes, Frequencies, Templates, Modules, and Windows, no one has been able to duplicate the unprecedented magic and mastery of this original morphic field, built and sustained together by these two special instructors.

Accept no substitutes, for imitation is limitation.

Come learn from the ME originators and the only authorized global instructors of ME and the world-renown Two Point.


Have a Look at a 45 Minute Webinar Video on Beyond ME

Take the upgrade and go beyond the original ME.

For more than a decade, these techniques taught in the original ME seminars have proven easy and effective. The foundational teaching principles embedded in the original ME morphic field remain timeless and accessible.

As the skills of the ME instructors (Richard and Melissa) have evolved significantly since technique inception, so too has their ability to transmit more information. As information is power and potential, being able to encode for more information in any technique or process translates to more healing and transformation.

Come experience the two-point basics in an expanded format that maps the evolution of consciousness through the original ME morphic field.

Take your healing and transformational skillsets to a new level of access by leveraging what has worked in ME in the past, coupled with an expanded framework for interacting with conditions and dis-ease.

Students will be guided through the original foundational teachings of ME, and will be taught the evolution of the techniques currently utilized by Richard and Melissa in client sessions and daily life.

Students will learn the basics of the time-tested techniques in ME, while also learning upgraded strategies to transform any pattern in reality.

Go beyond the technique of… The Two Point, Time Travel / Parallel Universes, Archetypes, Frequencies, Templates. Modules and Windows. Open to more! Discover new Perceptual Reality Models.

A Second Upgrade

In the special advanced portion of the class students will be introduced to a whole new way of mapping and interacting with the body as patterns of information.

Whole New Protocol

A completely new 18 Point Protocol for altering and upgrading perceptual reality models will be presented and experienced by students. This protocol has never been taught by anyone, and cannot be learned anywhere, other than through direct transfer and activation by both instructors.

Richard and Melissa will share their co-creative process for activating templates to provide the body with the correct information to heal and thrive. Some aspects that will be addressed include pattern complexity vs. simplicity, pulse, rhythm, timing variations, tone, color, inversion, morphing, and frequency spectrum.

While easy to learn, the complexities of the interlocking templates are what makes this advanced healing protocol a genuine upgrade to the basics taught in the foundational ME seminars.

Go Beyond ME

Come be among the first in the world to take the second upgrade now. Why use an old operating system when new improved software technology is available? Augment what has worked in the past with something new too. Beyond ME will fulfill the need for speed, ease and comfort by taking your reality matrix to a whole new dimension.

Upgrade your Reality with Richard and Melissa Joy. Register Now!




990,- EUR first early bird (for booking and payment until August 6th)

1.090,- EUR second early bird (for booking and payment until October 15th)

1.190,- EUR thereafter


Day 1: 10.00 to 18.00 h,

day 2+3: 9.30 to 17.30 h,

day 4: 9.30 to 17.00 h (28 h)

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Richard Bartlett


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