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The Concept of the Etheric Body and its Role in Chronic Imbalances in Physical Systems

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Charles Krebs

This is a whole new concept I have developed with a colleague from the United Kingdom, of how to access the Etheric Templates to assist in balancing long-term and chronic problems, problems that have often resisted correction in the longer-term! It is amazingly simple, but very powerful! For instance, just find a chronic muscle imbalance, and balance it to homeostasis! Check for the Muscle State – Check Muscle Mode – then check previous muscle and its imbalance – these should now all be in homeostasis. You now only need to hold Etheric Muscle Mode and then retest the same muscle you just balanced – Surprise, it now usually has a new muscle imbalance – often different than the one you just corrected in the same physical muscle, but now on the correction is on the Etheric Plane!

I have developed a whole new paradigm of the Etheric Body balancing into a practical system that we can assess and correct imbalances like we do with the physical body! Much of our long-term imbalances that constantly re-occur have their roots in Etheric imbalances that once addressed – totally resolve the chronic physical problem!

Then there is the whole question of Etheric Toxicity, etc, etc!!!! You will find this workshop to be Fun and you will walk away with a new technique to change people’s lives and getting astonishing results with previously intractable conditions!


Basic Kinesiology workshops that cover: Modes, PL, Acupressure Formatting, and Emotional Balancing!


150,– EUR


9.30 – 17.30 h (7 h)


“Balancing Verbal Concept Formation” afterwards

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