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Connectiv#Ology – Kinesiology of the Connective Tissue

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Marco Rado

All holistic medicines says that all parts and functions of the body are connected. The connective tissue is what connect all parts of the body! This course teaches how to approaches the connective tissue trough kinesiology, getting ideas from osteopathy, Rolfing, Fascial Integration and especially from Traditional Chinese Medicine. It deepens the concept of Extra Cellular Matrix and how this ground element is the site of quite all biochemical reactions.

Connective Tissue is, also, where the body stores the memories of physical and emotional traumas, stores our past emotions and experiences. Unlocking the Connective Tissue will unlock our physical, emotional and spiritual potential from past blockages.

This class will teach how to work on all three sides of the Triangle of Health with a structural approach, mainly with a somato-emotional way.

Prerequisite: at least 80 hours of kinesiology and are suggested Integrated Physiology 1 – Unwinding The Living Matrix and Spine Physiology.

What will I learn?

  • How to balance the body trough the Connectiv#Ology Format and the Extra Cellular Matrix format,
  • Study in depth Tendino-Muscular Meridians and their relationship with Muscle Chains and Fascias,
  • TCM concept of Membranes, Fat Tissue, Luò Meridians and the 6 Skin Areas,
    Trace past events trough the Time Meridian and Calligari’s Memory Zones,
    Structural techniques like Fascial Manipulation, Proprioception Integration Technique, Unwinding.
  • Use of Tuning Forks, Colored lights, Microelettric currents on connective tissue,
    What are the TCM’s External Pathogenic Factors, how  to strength the body against them and how to release them from the body.

What will I be able to do?

  • Find the specific time and location where the body has stored the memory of a trauma (physical or emotional).
  • Format the Extracellular Matrix and balance the Ground Regulation Mechanism to maintain homeostasis.
  • Balance muscles with a different Muscle-Meridian relationship.
  • Improve the immune system strengthening the physical barriers against external TCM syndroms (cold, wind, dampness, etc.)
  • Treat any sort of muscular and joint pain, physical and sport traumas, improve sports performance, balance postural dysfunctions, dissolve any structural memory of physical or emotional traumas, balance scars.
  • To use the osteopathic/craniosacral Unwinding technique to unlock muscular, fascial, articular, or bony blockages to transform pain and rigidity into free movement.
  • Apply the Proprioception Integration Tecnique.
  • Communicate and refer more appropriately with other professionals (osteopaths, chiropractors, dentists, orthopedics).


Min. 80 hrs. Kinesiology-Training (among Applied Physiology); Unwinding The Living Matrix and Spine Physiology – Integrated Physiology 1 recommended


520,– EUR


Begins first day 10.00 h, Ends last Day 16.00 h (28 h)

What to bring:

tuning forks set, acupuncture atlas and if you have: color therapy penlights set.

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Marco Rado


17.01.2019, 10:00
20.01.2019, 16:00
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