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Eu-Feeling® Intensive Workshop in Hamburg

Frank Kinslow

Frank Kinslow is the founder and sole teacher of the Quantum-Entrainment® (QE®) process of which Eu-Feeling® is the key element.
During this workshop, Frank will teach you how to further expand your awareness of Eu-Feeling® so that you can experience an even deeper calm and bliss, making your daily life richer, fuller and livelier. In the course of the workshop you will also get to know QE Awareness, the foundation of inner peace and outer success. And you will learn to experience pure Eufeeling™ – the stillest and most powerful state of mind – which will in turn enable you to set a QE Intention®.
You will learn to use QE Intention effectively in different areas of your life, including emotional management, problem solving, financial worries and chronic illness, and find out how you can support others experiencing the same or different problems.
Frank Kinslow is an easy, articulate and witty teacher who has a lot of insights to offer. You will leave this workshop with a deep feeling of self-esteem and gratitude for everything that you have. … And with QE Intention you are taking a powerful tool back home which will have a lasting effect on you life.
Content, Summary and Review:

  • The qualities of our life: From normal awareness to universal love
  • QE Awareness: Integrating Eufeeling into everyday life
  • Pure Eu-Ffeeling: Being at home on the stillest level of our mind
  • QE Intention: How you entice Eufeeling into giving you what you want


Quantum Entrainment®-Advanced


225,– EUR, coffee and snacks in the afternoon included


9:00 am – 4:30 pm (7 hrs.)


  • Quantenheilung Forum: www.quantenheilung-forum.de
  • Quantum Entrainment®, QE®, Eu-Gefühl®, Eu-Feeling® and QE-Intention® are international registered words of Frank Kinslow and VAK Verlags GmbH.

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9:00 - 16:30
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Jugendherberge Hamburg „Horner Rennbahn“ Rennbahnstr. 100
Hamburg, Hamburg 22111 Germany
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+49 (0)40 5701590