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Harmonizing Chi Flow 1 (Online-Seminar)

Ondrej Bursik

This Kinesiology course is based on the research and work of Japanese physician and respected researcher Yoshio Manaka. Ondrej Bursik wrote this course over four years with the help of Acupuncturists trained in both Chinese and Japanese approaches to working with chi flow and disharmony.

This course which looks at the importance of understanding and balancing the flow of chi throughout the body. Students will learn 3 Jiao (3 burners) theory and the regulating effect and influence they have on the 12 channels. It looks at the relationship between the 3 Jiao and the chakras and the amazing similarities between these two ancient systems.

Students will learn how chi is distributed from the 3 Jiao into the 12 channels and how these are regulated by the extra 8 channels. Students will also learn to identify patterns of disharmony within the 12 channels and understand the relationship between the 12 channels, 8 extra channels, and the 3 Jiao. The emphasis is on understanding the patterns of disharmony and applying a specific balance to address that disharmony rather than using Priority mode to find a channel to work on.

The course explores research conducted by Manaka and includes the use of Open points, the ancient Chinese horoscope, and the way both the old and current Five Element system interrelate with the extra 8 channel system. The course covers the use of sinew channels, 6-phase theory, cutaneous regions, acupuncture points specific for emotional and spiritual issues and the use of specific frequency tapping.

Overall, the techniques learned within this course can be used with a client over 2-4 sessions to create harmony and promote the smooth flow of chi throughout the body. Various techniques can be simply incorporated into any other system of kinesiology.

“Mind-blowing concept, very well constructed course and most importantly, extremely useful for kinesiologists seeking advanced techniques for bringing Qi into harmony thoroughly from much broader perspective. Many implications and so much inspiration from a great teacher.”
– Linda

I participated in Ondrej’s Harmonising Chi Flow 1 course in January and found it to be an amazing tool to work with the body. I use it within every session and find it a huge benefit to my clients. Ondrej is a knowledgable and inspiring teacher and I look forwards to participating in HCF 2 as soon as possible.
– Someone who studied HCF 1 in January

I have studied over 750 hours of kinesiology and been practicing for several years, the HCF course absolutely blew my mind. Ondrej is an inspirational teacher who understands the benefits of simplicity. The procedures are easy to learn and integrate with any style of kinesiology. I use some aspect of HCF in almost all my sessions and with some clients I only use HCF protocols, absolutely loved the material and the way it was presented. Can’t wait to do HCF 2
– Michelle, Sydney 2016

“Applying HCF in clinic has completely changed the way I operate as a practitioner. In the past, I would place a heavy focus on trying to make sense of a client’s presenting symptoms so that they would fit within particular TCM pattern. Although this approach is extremely useful, there are times when the client’s psychology and their physical symptoms do not fit the constitutional archetype. The fundamental principle of HCF is harmonising the source energy flows in the body first, regardless of the condition, then work on balancing the main meridians. The simplicity of this approach has been such a revelation to me and I have seen very positive responses from clients with varying complaints. Thank you so much for making this wonderful course available to the world, Ondrej!”
– Joanne Wong, North Sydney


Participants in HCF need to be proficient in the following: Kinesiology muscle monitoring, hip and jaw lock, alarm points, minimum of 50 hours of Kinesiology training is recommended.
This seminar is offered as an online-seminar, so you will need a computer with browser and internet connection.


520,– EUR


each day 9:00 am – 1:30 pm (20 hrs)


There will be practical training phases on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 12:00 o’clock. Please invite clients/relatives/friends for these times.

The manual will be sent to you as a PDF-doc.

Special online-benefit: Recordings of the online-seminar will be available for two weeks after the online-seminar.

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Ondrej Bursik


21.10.2020, 9:00
25.10.2020, 13:30
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