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Core Kinesiology 1 (Hyperton-X 1)

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Dominique Monette

HYPERTON-X gets its name because it deals with identifying and releasing the hypertonic state of muscles (and tissues) which was found to have a direct effect on body/mind integration by Frank Mahony (1932-1995) who developed Hyperton-X.

HT-X courses, created in the early ‘80s, were developed over a few years of working with difficult cases of learning difficulties children and with the members of a sport club prior to the selection for the 1984 Olympic trials. During that time, Frank highlighted the importance and the effect of hypertonic muscles on the body, impeding body and mind integration (by, for example, stressing mechanically the cerebrospinal fluid flow and creating electrically a confusion in the brain). HT-X is a totally new way to work in Kinesiology: instead of working on muscle in contraction, we will discover that hypertonic muscles are limiting the range of movement of muscles, modifying our posture, stressing our physical and mental competences and performances (i.e. in children, sports people, musician, etc.), creating pain and soreness in our bodies, etc. Further in his work, Frank works also on emotions and life experiences that impact the muscles; on hypertonic skin and joints; on the aspects of breathing; on how to teach fathers to balance their pregnant wifes; on athletes, etc.

In this class, we will learn to work on the hypertonic muscles of the sacro-occipital chain (The Great Eight), the main muscles impacting our body-mind integration. We will apply this mainly to learning difficulties. Working on the posture, and on the core muscles, we will discover the importance of the foot pressure sensors and their effect on the body-mind integration. We will also learn to balance oneself, and other people, without muscle testing, developing a feeling sense of the imbalances. This becomes a way of taking care of oneself in our daily life, slowing down the aging process and allowing us to enjoy energy and enthusiasm in our life.


Touch For Health I


220, – EUR booking and paying until 16.09.2019,
260,– EUR thereafter


day one 9:30 am – 6:00 pm,
last day 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (14 hrs)


Bring a medium size towel and a long scarf (scarf type), we will need some muscle tests.
Core Kinesiology 2 following

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26.10.2019, 9:30
27.10.2019, 17:00
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