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Core Kinesiology 2 (Hyperton-X 2)

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Dominique Monette

In this class, we will go more in depth, in theory and in practice, discovering new muscles (Secondary Eight and additional muscles) which have a direct or indirect effect on the sacro-occipital chain and showing how hypertonic muscles stress our capacity to treat simultaneously the information received by our senses. We will observe the effect of hypertonic muscles on our energy system, on some sensitivities and on our gait and balance. We will also study another way to work on reactive muscles and to discover what is the priority muscle of the body to be corrected. The impact of sitting will also be seen in that class (thigh and buttocks sensors that impede us to sit correctly and that, amongst other things, that stress our energy systems).

To recall the physical, emotional and spiritual axis to which we all tend, we choose to call these courses (formerly called Hyperton-X) Core Kinesiology, the kinesiology of the axis.

This work gives a lot to both the kinesiologist who wants to develop body work (for example in accompanying athletes) as well as those who desire new tools to work on learning difficulties of any order and on the improvement of physical, mental and emotional abilities.


Hyperton-X-1 (Core Kinesiology 1)


220, – EUR booking and paying until 16.09.2019,
260,– EUR thereafter


first day 9:00 am – 6:00 pm,
last day 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (14 hrs)


Bring a medium size towel and a long scarf (scarf type), we will need some muscle tests.


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28.10.2019, 9:00
29.10.2019, 17:00
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