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Ondrej Bursik

It is believed that stress patterns often occur in the energetic aspects of our being before they crystalize and manifests in our physical body. Many practitioners use and look at the Chinese Meridians, Channels and work with Chakras and the Energetic body.

Understanding the Nadi’s is a great addition to anyone that has studied the chakra system or is interested in the energetic aspects of our being.

Nadi’s are energy lines that are fundamental aspects of the chakra system and energetic body.

This course looks at the function and a way of balancing some the main Nadi channels. The Emphasis is on the Hara line, which plays a pivotal role in making sure that every main chakra is able to stay balance. Balances for the Pingala and Ida and other several key Nadi’s are also explored.

The course also looks at the 5 elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Ether and how they interact with the earthstar and affect the lower chakras and energetic body.

There is some review of the chakra system as the Nadi’s are part of this system, however most of the course looks at how to work with the Nadi’s and how to identify stress and balance them. The course also includes exercises that the practitioner can practice daily and teach their clients to promote balance within the elements and Nadi’s.

  • Review of the energetic being
  • Review of the chakra system
  • Relationship between Chakras and the 3 Jiao’s
  • What are Nadi’s
  • Importance of the Hara Line
  • The role of the Pingala
  • The role of the Ida
  • The role of the Sushumna
  • Review of other Nadi’s like Gandhari, Hastijihva, Pusa Yusasvini, Alambusa, Kuhuh and Sankhini,
  • Relationship between Nadi’s and TCM channels and meridians
  • Balancing Nadi’s, through Breath, visualization, acupressure
  • Understanding the Earth Star, Hara line and elements of life
  • Balancing the elements


Knowledge of Muscletesting


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Ondrej Bursik


15.07.2019, 10:00
17.07.2019, 16:00
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