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NeuroGastroEnterology 2 (Online-Seminar)

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Marco Rado

It’s not necessary to have attended NeuroGastroEnterology 1 to attend this class, but it’s recommended.

In this class we will get more into the intestinal physiology and we will focus on the Peristaltic Movements, that are the origin of many intestinal alterations (costipation and dysentery) that many people suffers from. We will study very effective sets of acupressure points that will treat this imbalances.

Another very important aspect related to costipation and dysentery, but not only, is the ability of the guts to absorb water. As always Marco teaches “we aren’t what we eat, we are what we absorb”, and absorbing water is a foundamental function for the intere body, as we all know in kinesiology.

One important aspect of an imbalanced intestinal function is the production of many Endotoxins, substances that can deplete the body’s equilibrium, causing many disfunctions, especially at the neurological level and chronic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation can cause an alteration of the intestinal epithelium leading to poor permeability and release of bacteria and toxins in the bloodstream. This condition is called Leaky Gut Syndrome and we will study a specific procedure to work on it. There will be also a procedure to work on the production of Shot Chain Fatty Acids by the gut’s Microbiota.

Furthermore, we consider the relationship between Leaky Gut and the vaginal flora and learn how to balance the vaginal microflora.

And last but not least, there will be an update on all the latest discoveries about the Microbiota.

This seminar is offered as a online-seminar. You will need only a computer with browser and internet connection.


80 hours of Kinesiology practice


520,– EUR


day one begins at 10:00 am,
the last day ends at 4:00 pm (28 hrs)


Please bring your tuning fork, acupuncture book and your color light therapy set (if available).


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Marco Rado


07.05.2020, 10:00
10.05.2020, 16:00
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