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One-Day-Workshop: Joint anchor technique update 2019

This event has passed.
Geoff Leury

The further advanced workshop updates and adds to existing techniques, and introduces new concepts.

1. Alimentary canal

  • a      Sigmoid colon technique: This normalises the function of the sigmoid colon
  • b      Valves of Houston technique: This normalises the function of the rectum and the valves of Houston

2. COTS by levels

This improves the efficacy of COTS– Calibration of the sacrum by carrying out COTS in different levels.

3. Clearing and protection

  • a      Burning method: This uses the physical focus of fire to help clear negative to health energies
  • b      Open box method: This sets up defined concentric areas in which to place protective energy shells to protect against negative to health energies

4. SEE – Synchronised energetic engagement

Uses the pause and hover technique to locate the best point to access the aura when using SEE.

5. Sweeping the Past, Present and Future

  • a      Sweeping the Past technique: When issues from past events in this lifetime and previous incarnations are not resolved fully they can leave residues of negative feelings and emotions that continually disturb the aura. This can interfere with present day therapy and natural healing mechanisms. The Sweeping the Past technique removes or “sweeps out” residual negative feelings and emotions from this lifetime and previous incarnations.
  • b      Sweeping the Future technique: This technique helps prepares the aura to cope with planned future events that can raise anxiety and stress levels. Medical and dental procedures are prime examples but it also includes events such as flying, court appearances, weddings etc.
  • c      Sweeping the Present technique: Sweeping the aura in the present helps prevent residues of negative feelings and emotions and other “dross” from embedding in the aura.

6. Schisms

Schisms are fine cracks or splits in the main lines of energy of the aura. They can contribute to mental issues. The Schism technique helps normalise mental processes by repairing any schisms that may exist on the lines.

7. Micro-circulation

The micro-circulation technique helps improve capillary circulation within the organs and tissues of the body by normalising the diameter of constricted and distended capillaries.

8. Heart valve

The heart valve technique helps normalise the function of the tricuspid, pulmonary, mitral and aortic valves of the heart.

9. Rhythm independence

The rhythm independence technique re-establishes the independence of an organ’s rhythm if it becomes entangled with the rhythms of other organs.

10. Cranial coupling

The cranial coupling technique fine tunes the alignment between pairs of cranial bones after other techniques have been used.

11. Further extremity work

  • a      Cylinder technique: This removes general twist between extremity articulations
  • b      Screw cap technique: This “reattaches” distal sections of the extremities to the proximal sections, and “reattaches” the proximal sections of the extremities to the body
  • c      Range of motion: This normalises the range of motion of the extremities. This technique is also used to normalise the range of motion of the sacro-iliac joints

12. Nerve pathway

The nerve pathway technique helps reduce nerve irritation and pain by restoring the nerve to its true pathway through the tissues of the Body.


Eplangetics – Advanced Workshop


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9:00 – 17:00 h (7 hrs.)

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Dr. Geoff Leury


8:00 - 17:00
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