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Quantum Shift in Your Business

Frank Kinslow


Our newest course from the Frank Kinslow series!

If you want to feel good all around and a fulfilled professional life with successful projects is part of it, then this seminar is just right for you: Quantum Entrainment® (short: QE) applied in professional life, quickly leads to more efficiency and greater success and generally increases the energy and fun in life!

Maybe you too have once dreamed of how successful and happy you would be one day. But in the course of time you had to bury this dream under longer and longer working days, higher and higher demands, more and more stress, maybe even a more and more unstable health and growing tensions in your family. Frank Kinslow once faced such challenges helplessly. Until one day he found himself in the right place at the right time and discovered a very practical and now well-proven way to be more productive and successful without having to make sacrifices for his career, finances, family or health. In this special seminar Frank Kinslow will show you how to do this!

Who benefits from this seminar?

Companies with the desire for improved productivity, reduced absenteeism, improved collaboration and increased employee motivation.
Individuals with the desire for more fulfillment in their jobs, more energy and enthusiasm at work.

Which areas will be covered? Which techniques and methods are taught? How can what is learned be applied in life?

  • You learn how to meet the professional requirements and at the same time to strengthen physical and emotional harmony.
  • To bring work and private life into balance. Taking time out from productivity. Doing less and doing more. Overcoming negativity.

Which information or methods are particularly useful? What support for everyday life can you expect as a participant? To what extent does the seminar have a life-changing effect?

  • By the end of the workshop, each participant will understand the causes of disharmony in the workplace and know how to significantly reduce emotional and physical stress.
  • Everyone will have a tailor-made program that takes only a few minutes a day to complete.
  • Recognize why positive thinking and motivation strategies often fail
  • Integrated exercises: Give yourself a session. Resolving financial worries. Heal the heart. Physical, mental and emotional reconstruction.

Procedure at a glance

  1. How success comes about – Getting into balance – Activity + recovery = success – Time-out from productivity – Finger on forehead feels good – Stop thinking – Let the arrow of success fly – The analogy of bow and arrow – Pure Eu-feeling = the deepest possible recovery – Save time – Get into balance – Promote health and well-being – Reduce conflicts in relationships
  2. Doing less and doing more – Eu-feeling: the basis of all success – Exercise: Give yourself a session
    NOT – Eu-feeling – Body scan
  3. Getting rid of financial worries – The problem is not the problem. – The problem is the negative emotions – Exercise: The resolution of financial worries (“financial QE”)
  4. Harmony at home and at work – You can only give what you have – Exercise: Harmony of the heart (Universal Love)
    This course takes place as an online seminar!




445,- EUR for booking and payment until  07.09.2020,

EUR 495,- thereafter

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29.10.2020, 10:00
30.10.2020, 16:30
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Kurhaus Kirchzarten
Dietenbacher Straße 22
Kirchzarten, 79199 Deutschland