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Quantum Entrainment® – Basic Workshop

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Frank Kinslow

In the last few years, New Thinking has caused many people to take a new and different view of the world. In the wake of this new awareness, fascinating methods have been developed, Quantum Entrainment® being the most recent one in this particular field. Everyone can learn this method – quickly and without any prior knowledge!

What is Quantum Entrainment®?

Quantum Entrainment® is a method involving gentle touch and transports the autonomic nervous system spontaneously and immediately into a state in which deep healing processes can take place. The autonomic nervous system instantaneously shifts and is thus able to “reorganize” everything that is not working in an optimum fashion. The most amazing thing about this method is that both the client and the person practicing Quantum Entrainment® experience an immediate and enduring sense of wellbeing.

Quantum Entrainment® is well-suited as a self-help method but also enhances the effect of every other professional treatment or transformation technique.

Frank Kinslow has been a chiropractic physician and a teacher for the Deaf. He is a Doctor of Clinical Spiritual Counseling and developer of the Quantum Entrainment® process. The experience gathered during this time and especially his longstanding meditation practice have gone into the development of Quantum Entrainment®.

In his workshops in Florida, Frank Kinslow teaches Quantum Entrainment® to people from all professional fields, especially those active in healthcare and the healing professions. He also teaches at the Everglades University in Sarasota (Florida), gives lectures and often appears in radio and TV programs.

You can find the German Quantum Entrainment® website under the following address: www.quantenheilung.info

Note: Participants of Quantum Entrainment® Basic and Master Workshops are entitled to organize Quantum Entrainment® training groups where they act as training partners and do not charge any attendance fee. The attendance of a Master Workshop is required of all participants.

Quantenheilung Forum – Exchange between Quantum Entrainment® users (in German): www.quantenheilung-forum.de

During this workshop you will learn the basic techniques of the Quantum-Entrainment® process. You will be practicing the simple method while experiencing the “secret” of the Quantum Entrainment® process at first hand: the experience of “pure awareness”. You will learn the basic Quantum Entrainment® process and actively engage in exercises to experience the “secret” of the Quantum Entrainment® process: pure awareness. You’ll practice healing with partners and experience Quantum Entrainment® many times for yourself. You will also learn: Self Quantum Entrainment®, Remote Quantum Entrainment®, Emotional Healing Quantum Entrainment®, Extended Quantum Entrainment® (for chronic illness and long-term conditions), and Group/World Peace Quantum Entrainment®. Also How to Quantum Entrainment® Everything! (Including your relationships, car, pets, plants, and inanimate objects, bank accounts, your job, and more).

Seminar is cancelled due to the worldwide spreading of the corona virus. 




190,– EUR
350,– EUR QE Basis and Advanced together


Quantum Entrainment®, QE®, Eu-Gefühl®, Eu-Feeling® and QE-Intention® are international registered words of Frank Kinslow and VAK Verlags GmbH.
Quantum Entrainment®-Advanced following.

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12:00 - 20:00
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Kurhaus Kirchzarten
Dietenbacher Straße 22
Kirchzarten, 79199 Deutschland
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