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The Sedona Method

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Maarten Klatte

Incredibly simple, incredibly effective!

For more than 20 years the focus of healthy lifestyle has been on nutrition and exercise. However there is an important lifestyle component that we can add to improve our health based on the fact that our genetic expression not only depends on nutrition and exercise but also on what we believe, think and feel. This has an influence on our health.There are other possibilities than repressing, splitting, or projecting beliefs, patterns and emotions. Life also can be seen as a series of small choices. These choices can have a measurable and positive effect on vitality and wellbeing. Really becoming aware of what we believe, think and feel makes the difference if we don’t want to impede our own happiness and success.

The Sedona Method offers us 5 simple ways to get rid of the emotional burden. In this seminar you learn how to shift from a level of consciousness dominated by wanting control and security towards a more spontaneous and unrestricted state by asking specific questions:

  1. Deciding to let go
  2. Opening to what is: welcoming
  3. Diving into the experience
  4. Holistic Releasing
  5. The “Fifth Way”: questioning the illusion

The book about the Sedona Method has been published by the VAK in 2006. Since then the Sedona Method has been circulating as an insider tip in the German speaking countries. Now finally there will be the first Seminar in Germany with translation into German.

The truth is simple. If it was complicated, everyone would understand it.” — Walt Whitman

Maarten Klatte MD: After studying medicine Maarten Klatte MD. participated in scientific research at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. The study was an inquiry into the influence of the human will on the healing process. In 1983 he started a practice in Nutritional Medicine including various methods to reduce stress and enhance wellbeing. He is cofounder and president of “Nederlands Genootschap voor Orthomoleculaire Oncologie”(Dutch association for orthomolecular oncology), a non-profit organization that studies non-toxic cancer treatments. Maarten Klatte is married, has four children and four grandchildren. Organic gardening is his passion for over 40 years.




310,- EUR booking and paying until 30.09.2018; thereafter 340,- EUR


First day 10.00-18.00 h, second day 9.00-16.00 h (14 h)

Recommended Reading

Dwoskin: „Die Sedona Methode“ (VAK)ays

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Dr. Maarten Klatte


27.10.2018, 10:00
28.10.2018, 16:00
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Kurhaus Kirchzarten
Dietenbacher Straße 22
Kirchzarten, 79199 Deutschland