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The Acupuncture System

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David Corby

This course combines the power and wisdom of the TCM approach to the acupuncture system with the versatility and focus of kinesiology.

This course goes far beyond the surface flows and 5 element approach to look at:

  • the deep flows and many interconnections of the channels;
  • descriptions, uses and emotions associated with more than 360 acupoints;
  • formats for many areas and parts of the body;
  • acupoints to use for many common conditions;
  • balances for organs, channels, pain, and the brain.

The 5 Day workshop comes with a 180 page manual that includes:

  • master points for key body systems;
  • master points for key body locations;
  • in depth description of the pathways, function and importance of each channel;
  • methods for tonifying and sedating acupoints;
  • traditional rules for choosing the best points;
  • deep channel clearing;
  • primary brain points;
  • balancing for pain;
  • indications, emotions and uses of more than 360 acupoints;
  • alternate muscle tests and ways of activating the channels;
  • discussion of the most important acupoints.
  • approaches to over and under-facilitation;
  • balancing for genetic disorders;
  • re-establishing rhythm and biological clock;

What Do I Get Out of It?

The course has a very wide application in kinesiology.  It provides a much deeper understanding of the acupuncture system and a basis for formatting and balancing for many aspects of the mind, body, and physical conditions.

Previous Feedback

Students have been raving about the course, marking it on average 9.5 out of 10.  Many students have written to say that it now forms an integral part of their work in clinic and are constantly surprised by the power of the system.



“Touch for Health III” or „Applied Physiology IV”


630,- EUR


Begins first day at 10.00 h,
ends last day at 16.00 h (35 h)


Please bring your acupuncture book with you.


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David Corby


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