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The Bengston Energy Healing® Method (Online-Seminar)

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William Bengston

The Mystery of Hands-on Healing

Can the body really heal itself through the power of energy? Of course it can!

Spend two days with Bill Bengston, PhD, to learn his scientifically-proven technique to harness the body’s natural healing energies. Learn “Imagery Cycling” as a technique to allow the body’s own systems to heal all types of physical and emotional disorders, including cancer.

“Well, I wanted to know how it works and if it works even under scientific conditions – the healing that I had experienced.” And whether it is a gift or whether everyone can learn it. This thought did not let me go any more – I wanted to know. The appropriate method would be that the placebo effect does not matter. So first of all, find out if it works with animals. I have conducted more than a dozen experiments on mice in half a dozen labs, including three medical schools. The data from these experiments indicate reliable full lifespan cures of mice infected with normally fatal cancers. These cures have been replicated by skeptical volunteers using “energy healing” techniques which I helped to develop.

Clinically, these same healing techniques have also been applied to selected individuals with positive results. In addition, my research has looked at some correlates to healing, including EEG and fMRI entrainment, and anomalous geomagnetic micropulsations in the surrounding space of healing events.

My talk will summarize some of these data, and will offer some thoughts on what “lessons” can be learned from the research. There will be variation in the amount of evidence for each lesson, and I will try to prioritize what can confidently be concluded and what remains as speculation. Confident conclusions will include the simple statement that energy healing can cure cancer under controlled laboratory conditions. Speculation will include such questions as whether healing can be taught.”

Dr. William Bengston

The two day workshop is designed to be a drill and practice on the healing techniques that I’ve used in experimental and clinical settings.

Introductory comments:

  • What’s known about healing?
  • do’s & don’ts for participants
  • Introduction to Image Cycling (selfish)
  • Image Cycling – stage 2 – including others
  • Ethical Guidelines
  • Introduction to Hands-on Healing
  • First “Attunement”
  • Enhanced image cycling
  • Exercises in “hyper” cycling
  • Combining hands on healing with enhanced image cycling
  • Distance healing
  • Charging surrogate materials to heal (e.g. cotton and water)
  • Liability and Legal Issues of clinical practice

This seminar is offered as an online-seminar. You will need a computer with browser and internet connection.




330,– EUR


day one 5:00 – 9:00 pm,
day two and three 3:00 – 8:00 pm (14 hrs)


Lecture recommended and free for participants of “The Bengston Energy Healing® Method – The Mystery of Hands-on Healing “. The lecture as a part of the course will not be repeated in the course.

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