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The Five Pillars (Online-Seminar)

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Marco Rado


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are 5 very important muscles called the 5 Pillars, that control our posture and coordinate the 3 Cavities. In Kinesiology we base our work on the Muscle-Organ relationship and there is an organ for each Meridian. Nevertheless, in TCM there are some organs that are not associated with any of the 12 Meridians, yet they are so important and special, that they are called “The Extraordinary Organs” and are strictly related to “The Extraordinary Meridians”.

One of these Extraordinary Organs is “The Extraordinary Organ Bones”, which generates the 3 Cavities – Abdomen, Thorax and Head. There is a strict relationship between the 3 Cavities, the Triple Heater and the 3 Dan Tiens and balancing the 5 Pillars can influence the whole of this structure.

In this online-seminar, you will learn how to muscle test the 5 Pillars and how to balance them with Acupressure Points and Sound; you will study how TCM approaches Posture, and you will learn which are the most important Meridians that control muscle movement and muscle contraction. This online-seminar will not be only theoretical, but there will also be demonstrations and practice time.

Marco has been teaching online-seminars for a few years now and students globally have embraced this new way of teaching. He uses specific online-seminar software that allows him to simultaneously view many cameras while controlling audio/visual aspects showing PowerPoint slides, whiteboard etc., directly on to your screen. You can ask questions in real time and Marco observes you while you practice.

The online-seminar will take place one evening a week for 2 weeks, allowing you to practice and consolidate the information in between.

Marco will have a practice run a week before the online-seminar to ensure you are confident to use the specific software.


A minimum 50 hours of kinesiology study completed; Computer with camera and speakers.


150,– EUR


16. and 23.10.2019


4:00 pm – 8:00 pm each (8hrs)


Practice time with the client starts at 6:45 pm and takes around 45 minutes (each day).
Please keep your tuning fork, acupuncture book and your color light thearpy set (if available) ready.


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Marco Rado


16:00 - 20:00
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