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The Three Tiers of Survival (Online-Seminar)

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David Corby

This course draws on Dr Stephen Porges’ breakthrough three tiered theory of survival to work on clients with survival stress in a whole new way.  Porges’ ‘polyvagal theory of survival’ suggests humans have three survival systems: the social nervous system, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.  The social nervous system ensures long term survival, the sympathetic and parasympathetic short term survival.

The course covers the neuroanatomy of these survival systems together with detailed protocols for each of the survival responses:

  • Social nervous system – assessment and communication
  • Anxiety
  • Fight/confrontation
  • Withdrawal
  • Anticipated pleasure-seeking behaviour
  • Freeze/shutdown
  • Care

This enables the practitioner to do a whole session on one survival response, which is very useful when working on clients with one primary survival response – eg clients with anxiety, clients with addiction, clients that stutter, clients that switch off in confrontational environments etc.

The protocols use the specific neuroanatomy to activate each response, as well as using the relevant brain points, primitive reflex assessments, emotional and survival emotional based points and other specific activations to specifically address each response.

Day 1

  • the neuroanatomy of polyvagal system
  • importance of the social nervous system
  • the survival hierarchy and how to use this clinically
  • relevance for different types of clients
  • case study examples – anxiety clients
  • social nervous system protocol

Day 2

  • Sympathetic and parasympathetic responses
  • Detailed protocols for each response

This seminar is offered as an online-seminar. You will need only a computer with browser and internet connection.


Touch For Health I-IV in addition to 200 hrs kinesiology practice or
Brain Function 1 or
Acupuncture-System or
Harmonizing Chi Flow Intensive Part 1


230,– EUR booking and paying until 27.04.2020,
280,- EUR thereafter


day one begins at 08:30 am,
the last day ends at 3:30 pm (14 hrs)

every day:

session 1: 8:30-10:30 am
session 2: 10:45-12:45 am
session 3: 1:45-3:30 pm

practice time:
day 1 session 3
day 2 session 2 and 3


Please have your acupuncture book ready.

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David Corby


25.07.2020, 8:30
26.07.2020, 15:30
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