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Vibrational Healing Tools for Kinesiologists

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Sandy Gannon

When I begun my journey as a therapist and teacher, over 30 years ago, I found that I was lacking in confidence, that I failed to trust myself and the process.I wanted more tools and more knowledge to do the best possible job for my clients and my students! And so I spent a lot of time, money and effort learning additional skills, systems, protocols and techniques. I learned what colour to put where and how to hold tuning forks and what to do with light pens and magnets and bowls and tinctures. Then – very slowly- over a period, I came to appreciate that the strict protocols and rules I had learned so well were not always appropriate for the client and the context in which we were working… sometimes we needed to break the rules to get the best outcome… But how to know when to follow the rule and when to break it?

Vibrational Healing Tools for Kinesiologists gives the Touch for Healther a framework and soft protocol which enables them to build a unique session for each client, each time, incorporating all their skills, knowledge and healing arts. Tools will be introduced, with muscle monitoring, so that they can be safely used with no further training.

Participants will learn …

  • to create and maintain an optimum healing space for the balance
  • to work without a medical model
  • to build sensitivity to subtle anatomy
  • to use basic finger modes and verbal challenge
  • to hold and stack information in circuit
  • to assess subtle anatomy
  • to utilise sound, colour, bio-magnets in addition to current skills and knowledge
  • to create a simple or compound resonance , unique to the client and the context


Touch For Health III


260,– EUR


First day 10.00 – 17.30 h,
last day 9.30-16.00 h (14 h)


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Sandy Gannon


16.02.2019, 10:00
17.02.2019, 16:00
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