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Eliza Sarna

Eliza Sarna

“It all started from … teaching English.

But what you start from never ever is your destination. Life is a Journey. No one who starts with foreign languages does it just for the sake of doing it.

The idea of expansion – maybe dormant to some extent – lies behind people’s decisions to enter the realm of languages.

If they get this very important piece of information, everything falls into place and the Journey begins, very often transforming into real journeying – not only with your finger on the map.

I started teaching English in the nineties, which led me to setting up a very – I really meant it – very alternative language school. After many years of searching for THE solution, for the magic switch so many people are looking for, I finally understood that it is not practice alone that makes the main leverage in the process of learning.

The main – and ALWAYS effective – leverage is finding your ‘why’.

I didn’t even know at the beginnings of my adult life how much I loved travelling!

And to tell you the truth, I was stubborn as a mule while maintaining my stationary life instead of packing my suitcase from time to time to nurture my body and my souls.

Before I understood this simple rule of thumb, I had experienced severe problems with my body, which literally forced me to conquer my lifestyle. My perfect home – where nothing apart the true me was missing – fell apart one day, and I set out on a very challenging Journey to find my real home. To find the Space of Me where I would never limit my dreams anymore.

Oh yes. This is the most nurturing thing I can think of today!

Having a warm stable home zone you come back to after your juicy REGULAR exciting money-generating travels.

Today I am a happy single mother of four, creating life I’ve been always dreaming about.

I travel. I work with people who – like me – cannot stand less and always look for more.

I help others to appreciate the gift of money, the lack of which I experienced really painfully in the past. I teach people confidence. Confidence in expressing their true nature in many areas of life.

And I never stopped teaching English, but it is not the teaching people are familiar with.

I teach people to get to the core of their being where they start understanding the foundation of successful communication that is their capability to use the Language of Energy – the oldest language all verbal languages stem from.

In other words, I show people that greater life is actually AVAILABLE and starts manifesting with ease when we finally realize that we are Global Beings and that we were all BORN FREE!”

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