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Eva Johansson

Eva Johansson

M.Sc. in biochemistry and microbiology.
International BRMT Instructor and BRMT Distributor in the Nordic Countries.

Dr. med. Harald Blomberg, the founder of the Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training (BRMT), was a Swedish psychiatrist who has been working with Rhythmic Movement Training for 25 years. He learnt the method from the Swedish autodidact Kerstin Linde and he has written three books about it and developed a number of courses of Rhythmic Movement Training, which are now taught all over the world. His book The Rhythmic Movement Method – A Revolutionary Approach to Improved Health and Well Being was published in 2018.

After his death in May 2020, the BRMT community continues his work in memory of his kind and gentle spirit.

Eva has been working together with Harald Blomberg since 2009 in Harald`s clinic in Stockholm.
In 2004 Eva had her 3:rd child who was born with Autism and ADHD, he did not develop mentally and he had no language. Together with Harald, Eva has proven that the protocol they have built up is working, these challenges, and many more, are possible to heal with proper actions.

Today Eva has devoted her life to share this knowledge and is travelling around the world, teaching both rhythmic movements and reflex integration, diet, how to detox and how to use supplements and energy medicine for healing.

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September 2020

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