„I go to a quantum healing Seminar“
„How many things you do…“, my flatmates say.

The first time, that I went to one of Dr. Frank Kinslow’s Quantum Entrainment seminars, was at the age of sixteen, nine years ago. These days I was already really impressed that the simple technique would trigger such powerful changes. Now I can see Franks method with different eyes.

„Adolescents are in many cases simply not complete human yet.“, says the bestseller-author with a lovely wink, one of his many jokes. With lots of humor he introduces us to the world of „doing nothing“. By giving himself into „pure awareness“, the practitioner enters a state in wich the self-healing-mechanisms of his body get activated and the system easily dissolves blockages, through deep relaxation. If now a second person enters the field of the practitioner, both profit from the healing effect of the „pure awareness“ and the so called „Eu-Feeling“ caused thereby. The QE-practitioner creates the optimal conditions for the system of the client to reorganize itself and invites his body to start a healing process. Not always with the results we wish for, but always with the best possible results.

Our experiences:

Ruben: Since at the moment I can’t think of any physical complaints, I get the Idea to work on my split skills as the topic of the QE-Session. I show my partner how far I can split my legs and when my hips start hurting. „Since years I try to do the spilt, but something always blocks.“ I close my eyes and as my partner touches me slightly I instantly feel a relaxation. My „ocean of thoughts“ calms down and I stat to sway. After around one minute my breath suddenly becomes deeper and something in my hip lets go. I start to stand more comfortable and a little circular movement in my hip area begins. When I open my eyes again and go back to my split, I can strech my legs around 15 cm further apart and the sting that I would usually would feel, doesn’t show up.

Tara: Through the plenty exercises during the seminar, I have experienced a state of quietness, that has become more and more intense. During the first two days of the seminar the „Eu-Feeling“, this inner peace, has expanded further and further until my hole body was filled up by it.

„It’s time for the next exercise.“, I hear Frank say, while I sit very calm on my chair. We look at an object in front of us and simply are aware of it. Next, we look at another object. And the both at the same time. Just in that moment, my thoughts stop and I realize that just now, I didn’t think anything. I’ve been trying to reach that state for a long time and now I easily experienced it during such a simple exercise. After this „nothing“, instantly a very pleasant feeling shows up – the „Eu-Feeling“. I lay myself into this feeling and am amazed by how beautiful I experience my surroundings. Now I get up and walk around, experiencing this peaceful, warm feeling everywhere. Between my hands, between two chairs, between to people, this feeling is everywhere! This peace and quietness is in everything …

Ruben Degendorfer

On the fotos, Tara (left) and Teresa (right)