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The Sedona Method

Incredibly simple, incredibly effective! For more than 20 years the focus of healthy lifestyle has been on nutrition and exercise. However there is an important lifestyle component that we can add to improve our health based on the fact that our genetic expression not only depends on nutrition and exercise but also on what we [...]

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Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training Level 1 (fully booked)

RHYTHMIC MOVEMENTS AND PRIMITIVE REFLEXES In this 2-day course participants learn the basics of the rhythmic movement training: how rhythmic exercises can be utilized to regulate muscle tone, stimulate the brain in order to improve attention and control of impulses and to diminish hyperactivity. The course also includes a survey of the most important primitive [...]

2019-08-23T15:53:29+02:00September 21st, 2019|

Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training and Diet in autism and ADD

This 2-day course deals with the great importance of diet and food supplements when working with rhythmic movements, not only in autism. In ADHD, dyslexia and motor problems food intolerance is becoming more and more common and may interfere with the training. This course teaches how to test for food intolerance and also for food [...]

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View ordinary events in a new light through metaphors

For almost the entire evolution of the human race we have communicated by sharing stories. Within these stories we find metaphoric elements. Stories or metaphors shape how we learn, communicate and discover new ways of looking at life. Through verbal stories that hold symbolic representations, we are able to form new magical associations from ordinary [...]

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Essential Oils 1

“In my course I would like to invite you to learn about the amazing benefits of essential oils. The course is well balanced. One emphasis lies on the neurology of the olfaction system and specifically how it interacts with our limbic and temporal lobes and how we can use this interaction for our kinesiology work. [...]

2019-08-14T10:42:21+02:00October 18th, 2019|

The Art and Science of Happiness in Munich

"I am a very lucky man indeed! I was extremely fortunate to discover the revolutionary healing technique, Quantum Entrainment, which has inspired healing and harmony for many thousands around the globe. But it looks like Fate was not done with me for I have discovered a second, truly revolutionary system that makes people happier, healthier, [...]

2019-08-14T10:45:56+02:00October 19th, 2019|

HeartSpeak Level 1

HeartSpeak is a powerful mindbody technique which anyone can learn to soften triggers and lessen the harmful effects of stress. During this course, you will learn the difference between feeling and thinking, you will be re- introduced to your Feeling Minds, and be reminded how to feel. Then you will learn the HeartSpeak process, and [...]

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The Oxford studies – The Accuracy and Precision of Muscle Response Testing

Join Dr Anne Jensen for a fascinating talk on her research done at Oxford University about the validity of Muscle Response Testing - All Welcome In this talk, Dr Jensen will: Share her experiences and very intriguing results Outline her findings Discuss their implications Compare her results to other studies Next steps for research Dr [...]

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We are all affected by our environment, often in ways that are not obvious. Our bodies are in constant action / reaction to many environmental energies. While we remain unaware these unseen energies continue to affect us for better or worse. An important step on any journey is knowledge, through knowledge we become aware, through [...]

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