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Ming’s Mirror Method

Be a Clear Mirror - Introducing Ming’s Mirror Method What is Ming’s Mirror Method? The ability to be a clear mirror, or an impartial indicator or reflection, is necessary for kinesiolgists, educators, body workers and helping professionals to work effectively with clients to support them to become masters in their lives. Working towards being a [...]

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Ma Wang Dui Qigong Metaphor Balances

Follow the Flow of Life To manifest your master within, one must follow the flow of Life, trusting Life’s processes while moving with intentions as well as coordinated heart, body and mind. In times of stress and challenges, one sees them as great learning opportunities towards mastery and growth, fully experiencing Life at work. In [...]

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Mini-Workshop “Strengthening Mental Power”

Look around you. Do you like what you see? How do you find your surroundings? How do you find yourself in your environment? Do you like the picture of reality in your life? Most people believe that their life circumstances are the result of their inherited features, what their parents have done, their level of [...]

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Workshop “Personal Miracle, Power and Prosperity”

Are you living the life you’ve always wanted? Or are you living someone else’s dream? Do you feel frustrated that your dreams have not materialized despite your best efforts? Have you ever wondered why some people just seem to have everything they want in life while others have just enough to get by? Are you [...]

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I was at a nutrition conference in London with world experts on Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and realized with amazement that I was consistently seeing much faster changes with clients than they were. How was this possible, they knew 100 times as much about nutrition and physiology as I did? The experts were totally [...]

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Always Choose Love

In this time of growing instability in so many parts of the world, we all feel a deep sense of worry. While we may not be able to control world events, it is essential that we each choose a path that can both free us and heal our world. This path requires a fundamental choice: [...]

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Meir Schneiders Natural Vision Improvement …

… und Self-Healing through Movement This unique three day workshop gives you the oportunity to learn directly from Meir Schneider. Are you suffering from overstrained and tired eyes? Do you want to reduce the build up stress after many hours of computer work? Are you looking for a possibility to see clearly without glasses? Do [...]

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The Love Code (once The Love Principle)

During a tough personal crisis, Alex Loyd made a deep experience that changed all realms of his life. Over the following years he developed tools to make this transformation accessible for many people. With practical techniques Alex Loyd teaches us to connect with the greatest healer inside us, love, und thereby live the [...]

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